Wild Common Tequila Reposado 100% de Agave Blue Weber 86 Proof 750ml

SKU: 210000056300 ISBN: 860003683682

Wine Information:


Region: Jalisco

Appellation: Jalisco - Tequila

Variety: Blue weber Agave


A reposado for agave connoisseurs and bourbon lovers alike, lightly aged in used Bourbon barrels.  The sweetness of cooked agave fresh from the oven is reinforced by natural flavors of caramel, stewed fruits, and brighter notes of tangerines are highlighted with the higher than standard alcohol content. 
Blend of distillates from traditional tahona milling and roller mill

Created by Master Distiller Salvador “Chava” Rosales 

100% Additive Free; verified by Tequila Matchmaker

86 proof / 43% ABV

NOM: 1123 / Cascahuin Distillery / El Arenal, Jalisc