Via Carota Signature Manhattan 375ml

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Wine Information:

Country: United States

Region: New York




Type: Spirits

Size: 375ml


The perfect balanced Manhattan. Charred oak-aged, four-year rye whiskey is enhanced with sweet vermouth and a blend of bitters. A nose of dark red fruit, vanilla, and warming spices compliments a rich mouth feel and long finish redolent of cinnamon, burnt orange, tobacco, and cherry.

Cocktails that are inspired by Via Carota, the award-winning west village restaurant inspired from Jodi Williams and Rita Sodi. The Via Carota Cocktails team tells us it took two years to develop the six styles of ready-to-drink cocktails. The styles are broken into three families: custom-blend White Negroni and Classic Negroni, bourbon-based Old Fashioned and Manhattan cocktails, and Signature Martini and Espresso Martini. Each ready-made cocktail comes with four-to-six servings per 375-milliliter glass bottle. Williams calls the design the "icing on the cake."

The creators described the Via Carota cocktails as a replacement for bringing a bottle of wine for a dinner party; each bottle contains about four servings. We found comparing Via Carota Craft Cocktails to other pre-made cocktails in the market a bit tricky. The adherence to straightforward spirits instead of a version of seltzer is rare. Even if brands like Cutwater and High Noon use real spirits (most hard seltzers contain cheaper malt liquor), they're all carbonated. Producer Description.