Siembra Azul Tequila Reposado 100% Puro de Agave Highlands of Jalisco 750ml

SKU: 040012 ISBN: 850101001037

Wine Information:

Country: Mexico

Region: Jalisco

Appellation: Tequila- Highlands

Variety: -


After a 5-year hiatus, Siembra’s highlands reposado returns with the same brick oven and American oak barrels that started our project in 2005. Sweet on the nose, this spirit epitomizes the balance of wood and agave.
This reposado features the American oak barrels that started it all, inside and out. The background pays homage to the plateau that lifts the highlands region some 8,000 feet above sea level.
A room-sized, wood-fired oven that is filled with agave and heated for days. The use of brick ovens is a hallmark of traditional tequila production, and the aromas are incredible. We never use diffusers or autoclaves because we care about tequila and the earth.
Hand-operated mills that tear roasted agave fibers as distillers turn a crank, coaxing the fermentable sugars out of the agave.
50% of this reposado is Siembra Azul, aged for less than a year in Siembra’s American oak barrels. 50% of this reposado is Viva México, aged for less than a year in Kentucky Bourbon barrels. In an effort to preserve our flavor profiles, Siembra barrels only ever touch Siembra.
We focus on traditional production, and this is a good balance between tradition and tech.
We embrace traditional methods and reject additives and shortcuts. We hope you enjoy the result.