Kikusui Shuzo Junmai Sake 720ml

SKU: 69812 ISBN: 072546048525

Wine Information:

Country: Japan

Region: Chubu

Appellation: -

Variety: Gohyakumangoku Rice


The meaning of “JUNMAI” represents the sake that is made with “Rice” and “Water”. Junmai is one of the popular categories of all time. It is the standard style sake with tasty steam rice notes and umami.
It compliments well with any type of food. This Junmai is great at room temparature or even chilled, however warming it slightly will definitely bring out the best quality of this kind; the mellowness and richness.

Kikusui Junmai uses the 100% Japanese Rice from Niigata. Niigata Prefecture is best known to produce World Class quality rice in Japan.
Carrying 130 years’ worth of history on their shoulders, the Kikusui Sake Company is a brewery that fought to survive - and which ultimately flourished - in Niigata Prefecture. The name "Kikusui" is a reference to a Noh theatre play, wherein eternal life could be gained by drinking the dew (Sui) from the petals of chrysanthemums (Kiku) growing in secret pools on a mountain peak.
In 2004 they established the Kikusui Sake Research Institute in an effort to both raise the bar on the quality of their offerings and wrestle with concepts such as enjoyment of sake, and sake culture itself.