El Tequileno 100% Agave Reposado Rare Rested 6 yrs in American Oak 750ml

SKU: 210000056019 ISBN: 7501398100356

Wine Information:

Country: Mexico

Region: Jalisco

Appellation: Jalisco

Variety: -


Reposado Rare is the result of an innovative father and son with the ambition of creating something new and unique. Their vision was to age their tequila in a large format barrel, called a pipon, for an extensive period of time most commonly seen with anejo (aged) tequilas. This was unique since anejos, by law, must be aged in barrels of 600l or less and this barrel, pipon #7, was vastly greater in capacity. Originally, their plan was to age the tequila for 15 months.
However, their creative vision soon became a forgotten treasure and it was left to age for 6 years. This extensive and undisturbed rest in wood created an amazing tequila with rich complexity and exceptional depth & character. Each bottle is individually numbered and signed.

Wine Enthusiast 94 points This reposado is rested six years in American oak (more than required for reposado), yet because it was aged in a vessel larger than the 600-liter maximum, it still gets to bear the reposado label. The liquid offers distinctly sweet aromas of vanilla, maple and dried fig. The palate echoes those tones, layering on clove, allspice and cayenne.