Domaine Anne et Herve Sigaut Chambolle Musigny Les Bussieres Vieilles Vignes 2021 750ml

SKU: N2156286 ISBN: 815541007599

The estate's style is defined by elegance and femininity, with a signature Chambolle velvety texture. The grapes are sourced from average 50-year-old vines, and the wine shows excellent balance between fruits and mineral_read more


Wine Information:

Country: France

Region: Burgundy


Appellation: Chambolle-Musigny

Variety: Pinot Noir

Type: Reds

Size: 750ml



Burghound 89 points

Firm reduction pushes the fruit to the background at present. Otherwise, there is slightly better mid-palate volume to the delicious medium-bodied flavors that are less refined though noticeably more powerful and more complex on the balanced, firm and solidly persistent finale. This is half Chambolle and half Morey in character and is worth considering.
Outstanding ♥
Anne Sigaut told me that 2021 "had the growing season from hell because even putting aside the problems that the frost caused, the constant wet weather made our life difficult. It was often impossible to get tractors in the vineyards to treat and the vines didn't have their normal resistance to what turned out to be very intense disease pressure. We soldiered on but in the middle of July, I confess to wondering if we were going to have a harvest. As it turned out, we did and it began on the 20th of September. Yields were variable but basically off between 30 and 50% as we rejected a lot of fruit though mostly for being underripe. Potential alcohols came in between 12 and 13% and we chose to vinify lightly to be sure we weren't extracting astringent elements. Funnily enough, the quality of the resulting wines is much better than I imagined and I quite like them. With that said, had you asked me what I thought the quality would be when we started picking, I would have given a different answer!" I agree with Mme Sigaut that her 2021s are really quite good and there are several that are worth your attention.