Dassai Sparkling 45 Junmai Daiginjo Sake 360ml

SKU: N048228 ISBN: 011152492896
Wine Information:

Country: Japan

Region: Yamaguchi


Variety: Yamadanishiki

The nose on this newly renamed sparkling sake has a clever collection of grape, melon, rice, apple, and cream aromas. Say Goodbye to Dassai Sparkling 50 and say hello to Sparkling 45, yet another Daiginjo from this ultra popular sake brewery. Lively, zesty, bubbly, bright and creamy this sake excels in a Champagne flute. Is it trying to be “like champagne”? No, not at all, because it’s made with the best sake brewing rice called Yamadanishiki, and it’s sake! But it has many similarities in taste and feel. There are lots of small gentle bubbles and a semi-dry fluid that lifts up in the glass and palate. Look for grape, pear, apple, orange, and whipping cream flavors that drink juicy and effervescently. This is not a super sweet sparkling brew, and actually is on the more creamy and soft side. It definitely pairs well with Champagne fare, and is a great way to start a meal.

Traditional method, this sparkling sake undergoes a secondary fermentation within the bottle. Refreshing aromas of tropical fruits and minerals. Bright and bubbly texture with a light body and short finish.