Comoz Vermouth Blanc De Chambery 750ml

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Wine Information:

Country: France

Region: Chambery




Introduced in 1881, Comoz Vermouth Blanc expressed Claudius Comoz’s selection of wines, plants and fruits, many of which come from the hills above Chambéry. Comoz came to fame as the essential vermouth in the El Presidente cocktail in Cuba.

Comoz is less sweet than other vermouth blanc, with notes of stone fruits, alpine flowers and a deep, resonant undercurrent of wormwood. This deeper profile marries with whiskey better than any other pale vermouth. Producer Description.


Comoz Vermouth de Chambéry Blanc is produced by Maison Dolin from the classic 1881 recipe created by Jean-Pierre Comoz, who left Dolin in 1856 to found his eponymous house.  Comoz is credited with creating the first ‘pale-style’ vermouth, what is now categorized as ‘blanc’.  The only vermouth blanc sold in Cuba, it was the defining element of the famous El Presidente cocktail.  Comoz remained in family hands until 1981, when the house ceased production and closed.  Maison Dolin later acquired the marque and recipe and in conjunction with Haus Alpenz have now reintroduced this piece of cocktail history to a new generation.