Citadelle Gin 88 Proof France 750ml

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96 Points Ultimate Beverage Challenge | Green melon, lemon peel, and wild herbs are elegantly displayed in this smooth gin...(Best Buy) read more

  • 96 Points  Ultimate Beverage Challenge | Green melon, lemon peel, and wild herbs are elegantly displayed in this smooth gin. The palate is refreshing and crisp, complex flavors of green peach, pear, lavender, and mint create a complex yet ethereal profile.
  • 94 Points Wine Enthusiast | Brisk, clean, and citrusy enough to induce Martini-with-a-twist cravings. The aroma is mild, almost neutral. The palate opens with soft brushes of mint, juniper and citrus, growing more insistently citrusy, juniper-forward and drying with every sip. (Best Buy)

Producer Notes | Citadelle Gin exudes delicate aromas of fresh flowers highlighted by more assertive citric scents. Once served, it emanates more intense, herbaceous notes of juniper and anise; then, the spicy cinnamon side softens the nose, bringing a very gourmand dimension to the gin. On the palate, the juniper cedes to a long, voluptuous, spicy fragrance. But while Citadelle offers complete aromatic richness, its three character traits remain: – Juniper, its signature, the key base of Citadelle – Citrus, the complementary note that underlines the juniper – Exotic, offering an additional level of enjoyment with touches of pepper, nutmeg and cinnamon.

Wine Information:

Country: France




Variety: -

Type: Spirits

Size: 750ml


The recipe for Citadelle French Gin was created in the Citadelle Distillery of Dunkirk in 1771. France's oldest registered gin distillery, Citadelle was uniquely placed to take the advantage of the flourishing maritime trade routes of the Middle Ages. Dunkirk was the first port of call back in Europe for many seafaring explorers returning from the Orient, their ships laden with exotic herbs and spices such as coriander and cinnamon. The abundance of those spices, or botanicals, persuaded renowned French distillers Carpeau and Stival to build 12 traditional copper pot stills in the Citadelle, the historic fortress protecting the town. The same class of still is employed to make Citadelle gin today. So is Carpeau and Stival's authentic original recipe, which was discovered by French fine liquor producers Gabriel & Andreu as they investigated the old Dunkirk distillery.

Wine Enthusiast 94 points (UB Collection,Finalist,Great Value,Tried & True Award)- Wisps of juniper with subtle blanched nuts, brown spice, fennel, and leafy herbs fill the generous nose. Superbly balanced and complex on the palate with clean citrus notes that carry to the finish.