Balvenie 19 Year Single Malt Scotch Story No 9 750ml

SKU: 210000056667 ISBN: 083664112227

Wine Information:

Country: Scotland





Explore the rich tapestry of The Balvenie 19 Year, matured in sherry oak casks, where every sip unfolds layers of complex character and refinement.

The Balvenie 19 Year is a testament to time-honored craft, born from a fortuitous twist of fate. This sherry oak-aged marvel is a nod to the distillery's relentless pursuit of excellence through experimentation.

A palimpsest of flavors awaits—dark fruits meld with almond and cinnamon, while whispers of oak tell tales of 19 patient years. Does your palate seek the depth that only a storied cask can tell?

A familiar honey smoothness revealing layers of spice, intense ripe fruits like freshly baked Christmas cake. Giving way to a chewy fig, and a long creamy, nutty finish - Producer Description