Aldez Blanco Tequila 100% de Agave Organic 750ml

SKU: P68923 ISBN: 177730010255

Wine Information:

Country: Mexico

Region: Jalisco

Appellation: -

Variety: -


Life is a blank slate – filled with possibilities, promise, and potential. It falls on us to take each step of our journey living life to the fullest and turning those myriad possibilities into the reality we desire. And that desire is at the heart of Aldez Blanco. Bottled directly after its second distillation, our Blanco pairs and blends perfectly with the possibilities that lie before each one of us.
With its flavors of pure agave, untouched by outside influences and unaged, Aldez Blanco is fresh and ready to join you in taking life by the reins and forging your own unique path.