About Us

67 Ethos

At 67Wine, we recognize that by offering our customers both national brands and singular wines from the small, hard-to-find vineyards of Europe and California, we represent a unique source of Pleasure for our customers. 67Wine is where you come to find the perfect wine for any occasion—and at a competitive price.

Here’s another insight that helps us implement our mission to bring Pleasure to our customers: We now have seven buyers who specialize in various regions and grape varieties from around the world. But these are not typical buyers. They comprise a professional sales team dedicated to advising our customers. Because our buyers are wine connoisseurs as well as foodies, home cooks and even former chefs, they are at our shop exclusively to help our customers make a great choice. Our Buyers are Our Sales Staff.

So, if you’re looking for a delicious wine for tonight’s dinner for yourself and perhaps a companion, check out our large selection of half bottles. If you’re planning to buy a nationally advertised brand at a competitive price, or searching for a micro-winery’s unique natural offerings, you’d be wise to make 67Wine one of your destinations.

We love what we do. We love making your wine experience special.

Pleasure is our Business.