Whistlepig THE BOSS HOG The Samurai Scientist Sixth Edition 120 Proof 750ml

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Here’s something unusual, even for WhistlePig: 16-year-old rye, made in Canada using koji during fermentation, and finished in barrels seasoned with umeshu, a plum liqueur. Although master distiller Dave Pickerell had earmarked the liquid as a potential fit for the Boss Hog series, he did not live to see it come to fruition. There are 90 barrels being bottled, all as single barrels at barrel proof, with estimated ABV between 60% and 61%. Whiskey Advocate.
The Samurai Scientist officially denoted not as The Boss Hog 6 but rather The Boss Hog is wholly unlike anything else in the WhistlePig stable. The trick? The whiskey was distilled in Canada using koji fermentation techniques and, after spending 16 years in oak, it is finished in barrels seasoned with umeshu, Japanese plum wine.