Punt e Mes Vermouth by Carpano 750ml

SKU: 002582 ISBN: 084105311315

Wine Information:

Country: Italy

Region: Torino




Unique and unmatched. Appreciated the world over for its very high quality. Have it neat and very cold, with soda water and on the rocks decorated with a slice of orange. It is an essential base of mythical cocktails.

Punt e Mes (it's pronounced "poon't ay mehs") by Carpano, the original Italian aperitivo with a rich heritage dating back to 1870. The name "Punt e Mes" translates to 'Point and a Half' in Italian, and it represents a unique recipe crafted from a combination of sweet vermouth with just the right touch of bitterness.

When you take your first sip of Punt e Mes, you'll experience a delightful sweetness with a subtle hint of orange, followed by a distinctive touch of bitterness, and it all culminates in a pleasingly sweet finish. This timeless blend of flavors has been enjoyed since its inception in 1870, making it a classic choice for those who appreciate a well-crafted Italian aperitivo.

Punt e Mes is known for its dark red color and vermilion-colored veins. Its scent includes the aromas of baked fruit such as prunes and cherries, aromatic herbs, soft caramel, and cloves.

Punt e Mes can be enjoyed on the rocks with a citrus twist, in a spritz or in a variety of cocktails like the Italian Greyhound.