Michter's Barrel Strength Rye 750ml

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Country: US



Variety: Rye


99 Points Bottled at barrel strength (108 proof), this Kentucky straight rye exudes Michter’s always complex aromas— full of orange peel, burnt sugar, choco- late leather—with an extra stirring of the senses including cherrywood and peach. On the tongue, the alcohol sets a tone, then dissipates, leaving a warmth of peppered cherries, orange zest, toffee nibs and cocoa.

95 Points This limited-release rye offers a rich aroma of vanilla and caramel. Bottled at barrel strength, it's initially drying and hot on the palate. Complex and echoing with rounded vanilla and allspice, it stands up to plenty of dilution, and finishes on a hint of almond.

Butterscotch and cinnamon with a hint of cherries on the nose; warming, rich, toasty vanilla and caramel up front with a dry oaky spice on the finish.

The May 2015 inaugural release of Michter's US1 Barrel Strength Rye marked yet another milestone in that quest. For maturation, the Rye distillate is entered into the barrel at 103 proof, rather than a more industry standard higher proof. Barrel entry at a lower proof of 103 rather than a higher proof costs Michter's more money in terms of barrels and warehousing, but they believe it yields a richer, smoother, more full-bodied whiskey after proper maturation. A single barrel product, each barrel of Michter's US1 Barrel Strength Rye is bottled at its particular alcohol level at the time of bottling. The majority of barrels in the releases range from 107 to 112 proof. To savor it is a unique experience for anyone who enjoys rye whiskey. Producer Description.