Angel's Envy STRAIGHT RYE Whiskey CASK STRENGTH 114.4 750ml

SKU: 210000057036 ISBN: 080480989002

Wine Information:

Country: United States

Region: Kentucky

Appellation: Kentucky

Variety: RYE


Angel's Envy Cask Strength Rye, presented in a 750ml bottle, is a premium and meticulously crafted whiskey. Renowned for its exceptional quality, this rye is finished in Caribbean rum casks, adding unique depth and complexity to its profile. The process creates a distinctive blend of traditional rye spiciness with sweet, exotic undertones.

The nose of Angel's Envy Cask Strength Rye is rich and inviting, offering an intriguing mix of rye spiciness and sweet rum. Notes of caramel, vanilla, and toasted oak are beautifully intertwined with hints of tropical fruit and molasses, creating a complex and alluring aroma.

On the palate, this rye whiskey displays an extraordinary balance of flavors. The initial spicy rye character is perfectly complemented by the sweetness imparted from the rum cask finish. Flavors of dark chocolate, candied fruit, and a hint of honey are harmoniously blended with the traditional rye notes of pepper and cinnamon.

The finish is long and satisfying, with a delightful interplay of sweet and spicy elements. The lingering notes of vanilla, caramel, and a touch of tropical fruit leave a memorable impression, making Angel's Envy Cask Strength Rye a truly remarkable and enjoyable whiskey. Its luxurious character and unique rum cask finish set it apart, making it a coveted choice for whiskey connoisseurs and enthusiasts.



Crafted by our Master Distiller, Owen Martin, we are thrilled to introduce our first-ever Angel’s Envy 2023 Cask Strength Rye Whiskey Finished in Sauternes and Toasted Oak Barrels at 114.4-proof (57.2% ABV). This inaugural Cask Strength Rye launch blends two incredibly unique barrels rather than the more familiar Rum-barrel finish, offering an innovative flavor profile with delightfully creamy notes. We invite you to collect and savor this special limited-edition release, now available in select states and at the Angel’s Envy Distillery.