Plantation Rum Jamaica Clarendon Aged 15yrs 2007 Vintage Edition 750ml

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Nose : Intense tropical notes of banana and vanilla with apricot and allspice. Hints of persimmon, orange peel and ginger, evolving on tar, sea spray and camphor. Palate : Rich fruity profile with notes of wood, vanilla, custard and toast evolving on cantaloupe, guava and cooked apple. Finish : Coconut milk, oak, spices, vanilla, liquorice, banana and star anise.

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Plantation Rum continues to explore the world of rum with its latest release from the Vintage Collection “Under the Sea,” the Jamaica MSP 2007. This limited edition, selected from only 28 casks and aged 15 years in both the Caribbean and France, highlights the incredible diversity of its terroir.


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Country: Jamaica





Type: Spirits