Tubi 60 Original Secret Blend of Citrus-Flowers-Herbs-Tree Extracts 80 Proof Kosher Israel 750ml

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Wine Information:

Country: Israel

Region: Haifa




Type: Liqueur

Size: 750ml

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Meet Tubi 60, Israel’s best unkept secret you’ve probably never heard of. A cult favorite among those who have been to Israel, Tubi was little known outside the Holy Land. But the brand recently announced that they would begin selling in the U.S., which is excellent news for those in the know and those who are about to get their first sip of the stuff.

The mysterious liquor is an entity unto its own, a cloudy, yellow beverage with a citrusy bite and herbal undertones. Its logo is “Pure Happiness,” and there are few fans who would argue with that. For the small handful of Americans who’ve tried Tubi, its recent arrival in the States is a dream come true. The liquor’s sharp, pungent aroma is a portal to hazy Thursday nights downing shots of Tubi in a grungy hipster Tel Aviv club that smells like cigarettes and sounds like Berlin house beats.
The distinctive liquor was invented in 2012 by two brothers, Hilal and Yanai Tubi, who worked out of their parents’ apartment in the northern Israeli city of Haifa. They say the idea was to create an alcohol that was “superior” to any other in terms of ingredients, taste, effect, and versatility. By 2013, the success of the brand and growing demand meant the brothers had to move from their parents’ home into their first factory in Haifa, and their continued success found them struggling to keep up with the liquor’s growth demand. By 2014, they were distributing Tubi around the entire country, and by 2015, they’d moved into an even bigger factory.

The spirit is 40 percent alcohol and made from lemons, herbs, flower, and tree extracts. It’s “specifically formulated to provide an uplifting and positive effect,” according to its website. Tubi’s vague herbal blend leaves much to the imagination, but the drink is approved both by the Israeli Health Ministry and now by the FDA.


Tubi 60 is a category creating natural herbal spirit. Made with high quality all-natural ingredients tubi 60 is liquid euphoria. More than an alcohol it’s an elixir. Made in israel tubi 60’s cloudy citrus-colored liquor has the look of something raw and unadulterated.

It’s as though its maker discovered something wild and rare within the recesses of nature and bottled it before anyone could mess with its magic. Magic in fact is the only word to describe tubi 60’s elevating effects. Don’t be fooled by its simple glass bottle its humble presentation – tubi lifts you up and carries you through the night delivering time after time on its promise of pure happiness. At 40% alcohol its power is matched only by its taste. Natural ingredients like citrus and ginger give it its clean tart fresh flavor. You can shoot tubi 60 or shake and savor it over nothing but ice. Add fruit or bubbles for an otherworldly edge that some might call unfair. As if that weren’t enough tubi 60 is gluten-free vegan-friendly and carefully crafted to minimize hangovers the next morning.

Tubi 60 was invented and developed in 2012 by two brothers, Hilal and Yanai Tubi in Haifa, Israel. The beginning was as small as it gets and like many well-known pioneers, they started out in their parent’s apartment.

Having an almost utopian vision and loads of positive energies, they went on to walk and extraordinary path. Today, with the help of many good people, Tubi 60 has become internationally recognized and is sold in the USA, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary and Norway.