Domaine Justin Boxler Pinot Gris Grand Cru Sommerberg 2017 750ml

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Wine Information:

Country: France

Region: Alsace


Appellation: Alsace Grand Cru

Variety: Pinot Gris

Type: Whites

Size: 750ml


Pale and limpid yellow Nose: Discreet, expresses the terroir.  
Rich wine with a slightly smoky side specific to the grape variety and which finds its balance on the finish.
Food and wine pairing: Pan-fried foie gras, duck with peaches, gorgonzola or Fourme d’Ambert.
GRAND CRU: plot and identity vinification for each terroir. With 4 four Grands Crus and three different grape varieties, the estate offers seven cuvées that can be kept for 10 years or more.



Lovely yellow fruit with light spice and delicate floral notes. 20 grams
RS in perfect balance with bright acidity. Balanced, powerful, and
elegant with a long spiced finish.
Rand Sieger