Noilly Prat ORIGINAL DRY Vermouth 1.0 LITER

SKU: 002139 ISBN: 080480217006

Wine Information:

Country: France

Region: -


Appellation: -

Variety: -

Type: Spirits

Size: 1L


Based on a secret 1813 recipe, Noilly Prat Original Dry is beautifully crafted in the South of France using the finest white wines. Some of these wines are selectively aged outdoors in oak casks exposed to the natural elements. An aromatic blend of herbs and spices (including Roman Chamomile and Gentian from France, Nutmeg from Indonesia and Bitter Orange from Tunisia) gently infuses the wines to create a unique bouquet and taste. Delicious served chilled on its own with a twist of lemon, it is the perfect vermouth for classic and contemporary mixology.