Discover Manhattan's Premier Liquor Store - Unbeatable Wine and Spirits Selection

Discover Manhattan's Premier Liquor Store - Unbeatable Wine and Spirits Selection

New York City has never been short on places to grab a bottle, whether looking for a fancy wine shop or a corner bodega. But if you're truly passionate about what you drink, then searching out for a special store can be confusing. But no worries, because that's where we at 67 Wine come in. We're not just another liquor store in Manhattan – we're the ultimate stop for wine lovers. Family-owned and operated since 1941, we've spent decades establishing ourselves as the city's go-to destination for drinkers. We genuinely love what we do, defined by our selection and how we treat every customer who walks through our door.

A Step Back in Time - Tradition Meets Passion

Walking into 67 Wine is like stepping into a different era, where quality and craftsmanship are paramount. Our warm, inviting store is lined with shelves upon shelves of bottles, each having their own story. The aromatic atmosphere with the anticipation of discovery, and you know immediately – this isn't just about buying a good drink; it's an experience.

The soul of 67 Wine lies within its passionate team. We aren't mere sales associates; We’re the actual buyers, hand-selecting every single bottle on the shelves. Our knowledge runs deep,  enthusiasm infectious, and we're always eager to share our love of everything about wine and spirits with you. 

A World of Flavor Awaits

Whether you're a seasonal drinker or have just started exploring the vast world of wine and spirits, Our liquor store in Manhattan has something to offer everyone on your budget. From classic, time-tested favorites to exciting new releases, our selection is truly awe-inspiring.

You will feel lucky for choosing us because of our exceptional range of French and Italian varieties that showcase everything from refined Burgundies to powerful Barolos. California lovers rejoice in diverse collection, while those looking for adventure will find exciting wines from unexpected regions like Greece, Lebanon, and even New York State!

But 67 Wine isn't just about wine. Our spirits section is just as impressive. We boast a phenomenal collection of rare bourbons, small-batch Scotches, artisanal gins, and an extensive range of liqueurs.

A Sherry Lover's Paradise

One thing that truly sets 67 Wine apart is its legendary dedication to Sherry wines. If you've always thought Sherry was simply the sweet cooking wine your grandmother used, well, buckle up. 67 Wine will take you on a journey through the vast, complex, and utterly delicious world of this special fortified wine. From bone-dry Finos to the nutty richness of Olorosos, we’ll guide you to your new favorite Sherry.

The Natural Advantage

67 Wine has always been ahead of the curve due to our prime focus on natural wine. Natural wines are full of surprises – a hint of earthiness, a burst of wild berries,  a touch of something funky and unexpected. Our selection of these rich, expressive wines is one of the best in the city and reveals the purest expression of the grape.

It's More than Just Buying

Our liquor store in Manhattan is like a wine-loving community hub. We're always throwing cool tastings and events – a great way to chat with people who geek out over wine just like you and maybe even discover a new favorite from a winemaker. It's all about learning, having fun, and finding your wine tribe.

Let’s have a look at a few highlights from our shop collection:

  • Domaine Tempier Bandol Rouge: Taste this refined wine that bursts with ripe fruit and a touch of minerality. It’s perfect for warm summer evenings.
  • Ridge Vineyards Estate Cabernet Sauvignon: It is considered as California's true icon. The Cabernet never fails to impress the drinker with its unforgettable taste. 
  • Williams & Humbert Sherry: This rich-flavored and nutty Sherry is aged for an extended period, making every wine moment memorable.
  • Del Maguey Vida VIDA de MUERTOS: This small-batch, artisanal mezcal is made with a rare agave, offering a unique, smoky complexity.

Get Your Bottles, Your Way

Can't make it to the Upper West Side? No problem! 67 Wine offers convenient online ordering. Our website is a trove of information, with detailed product descriptions and expert recommendations. And with shipping options and in-store pickup, enjoying our vast selection has never been easier.

Discover Your New Go-To: 67 Wine

Forget those generic liquor stores—67 Wine is a treasure spot for anyone who appreciates a good drink. It's the kind of place where you'll walk out feeling like you discovered something special. Browse our amazing collection on our website or visit the store to enjoy your wine and spirits hours with us.