Greek wines are wines of authenticity!

Greek wines are wines of authenticity!

Greece, conceivably has one of the longest wine making histories in the world and has always been an integral  part of the Greek culture since ancient times. 

Wine is cultivated on both the mainland and many of its islands in the Aedean sea and Ionian sea. The country grows  hundreds of indigenous grape varietals, each offering distinctiveness and uniqueness. 

Many grapes were on the verge of extinction and have now been revived by exciting winemakers dedicated to preserving them. Its expansive landscape has a broad range of diverse soils and climates everywhere.

Greece's wine cultivation dates back as far as 1100B.C. - 146B.C. and has gone through extreme turmoil and devastation in the centuries to follow. In the past decade or so, there has been a major shift from mass produced bulk wine to quality grower wineries making wines with a sense of place. Today many of these winemakers are young, educated, investing in state of the art technology and employing organic and or  bio-dynamic farming practices. It's an exciting time in the world of Greek wine and this resurgence has been a long time coming.  

I am thrilled to be the buyer for Greek wines at 67Wine, I have noticed more and more customers expressing an interest in trying these. The section continues to remain fresh and exciting with introducing new wineries and grape varietals from lesser known regions. 

Many of the wines are approachable and lend themselves to many types of foods or on their own.

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