Bally Rhum XO Martinique Rum 750ml

SKU: 011210 ISBN: 015643619014

Wine Information:

Country: Martinique



Variety: Sugar

Producer Description

Bally X.O is a rum blend of a minimum of 6 years as the AOC Martinique. Known for the triangular shape of its bottle, in reference to Mount Pelee, Bally X.O is also an intense and complex rum, marked by notes of figs and blond tobacco.

J.Bally is one of the oldest distilleries in Martinique. Its rums are characterized by the finesse of their aromas, a good roundness in the mouth and a great fruity richness.


The "Héritage X.O." was produced in Martinique at the J. Bally distillery. It was distilled from Sugar cane juice with a Column Still and then aged for 12 years.