Sundstrom Ciders CiderCider 2018 750ml

SKU: P67206

Wine Information:

Country: USA

Region: New York

Appellation: New York

Variety: Rhode Island Greening, Northern Spy


Leif makes tiny quantities of still and sparkling ciders. The fruit he uses is a blend of heirloom apples selected to express the delicate differences in variety and terroir of three historic cider-producing regions in New York. Fermentations start with a wild yeast pied du cuvée, and run long and cool to complete dryness. There is oak aging and considerable lees exposure. The sparkling ciders are traditional method without disgorgement.

The results are vinous ciders of tremendous character — textured, delicate, and nuanced, revealing of tradition, region, variety, method, and intent. Their notably high acids and greater phenolic content from maceration processes and lees contact, as well as bottling with their lees, equip them for aging and evolution in bottle. Winemaker Description. 


Leif Sundstrom's new version of his entry-level cider. Made of well-farmed apples from the Finger Lakes and Lake Ontario regions. 60% Rhode Island Greening and 40% Northern Spy. Native yeast fermentation and left unfiltered and unfined. Fermented in-bottle for a natural sparkle. This release is called Sauer, meaning sour, because it has a touch of acetic acidity that makes it drink a bit like a sour-style beer. Bright and refreshing, great with some salty snacks or bratwurst.