Nardini Acqua di Cedro 700ml

SKU: N2148795 ISBN: 098709972575

Wine Information:

Country: Italy

Region: -


Appellation: -

Variety: -

Type: Spirits

Size: 700ml


"The noble cousin of Limoncello" si the term that best describes this traditional citrus-flavored liqueur.  Named after Citrus Medica, a lemon-like variety of citrus that contains very little juice and grows abundantly around Lake Garda in northern Italy, its essential oil aroma is obtained by steeping the thick peel of the fruit in Italian grain alcohol.
Transparent and crystalline with distinct lemon citrus aromas and flavors. Although Acqua di Cedro is sweet and richly full-bodied on the palate, it manages to maintain an attractive delicacy into the finish. A versatile and delicious liqueur.