Diamantis Winery Magoutes, Moschomavro, SIATISTA Macedonia 2019 750ml RED

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Magoutes winery, run by Dimitris Diamantis, is located in the old but forgotten region of Siatista in the mountains of northern Greece. Moshomavro means 'black muscat' but is no relation in parentage or flavour!

Delicate, floral notes with woodland hints. This is like drinking bone dry Beaujolais with nice grippy tannin. Moshomavro is incredibly rare, all new plantings come from Diamantis's original plantings. This pretty example is so balanced. It sings out with its strawberry fruit, interleaved with rooibos tea! Unlike any gentle red we've ever come across!

Diamantis Winery sits in the rugged, mountainous north-western hinterland of Macedonia. A place of stark beauty and cool climate which, unlike most of Greece, sees no sea- softening maritime influences from either the Aegean or Ionian by virtue of its high, inland isolation. In this landscape sits Siatista, a town whose history with vines runs back to at least 1670, although since records have been lost or destroyed by various revolutions, wars and conflagrations both specifically in western Macedonia and Greece more generally, the true length and breadth of the viticultural history of this area is somewhat obscured. Winemaker Description. 


Wine Information:

Country: Greece

Region: Macedonia


Appellation: Siatista

Variety: Moschomavro

Type: Reds

Size: 750ml


Medium body and dry with excellent minerality. The wine is fermented with native yeasts  Excellent well balanced, with green fruit.


This Moschomavro, which translates to Black Muscat, is a Greek indigenous varietal exclusively grown in this lesser known appellation Siatista, north west Macedonia. This fragrant wine has wonderful fresh, bright berry fruit complimented with dark berry fruit, herbal, savory and zesty flavors . It is medium bodied, approachable, harmoniously balanced with supple tannins, acidity and a nice lingering finish. This wine is made with minimal intervention , a hands off approach, capturing a pure expression of this varietal character. A great wine for the adventurous and those who enjoy Nebbiolo and old world pinot noir.

Pair with grilled meats, poultry, roast chicken and

Debra, Greek Wine Buyer