Peychaud's Aromatic Cocktail Bitters 5oz 148ml

SKU: P57532 ISBN: 088004190187

Wine Information:

Country: USA

Region: New Orleans



  • Woodsy profile with subtle hints of licorice, saffron, peel, and caramel. Perfect combination to enhance your favorite mixed drink
  • STAPLE FOR DRINKS | Peychaud's is the original bitter for legendary classics like Manhattans, Old Fashioned's and Whiskey Sours. Don't ruin your favorites with other bitters
  • MADE IN NEW ORLEANS | With uniquely sourced ingredients, Peychaud's bitters provide a flavor profile meant to compliment and not overbear your drinks
  • SINCE 1800's | From prior to prohibition, Peychaud's was the bitter of choice. Surviving through tough times, Peychaud's stood the test of time and has since maintained to be an all time favorite
  • ORIGINAL FORMULA | If it's the best, then there's no reason to change. Peychaud's perfected the recipe and has never looked back. Through the millions of drinks it has been served in, you'll know why we have changed one bit