Black Maple Hill Oregon Straight Rye Small Batch Whiskey

SKU: 210000049308 ISBN: 791774105212

Wine Information:

Country: US

Region: Oregon

Appellation: Oregon

Variety: -

"An oddball combination of dill and peanut brittle make Black Maple Hill Oregon Rye a whiskey that you’ll be scratching your head over.  Having been afforded the opportunity to taste and review hundreds of various American whiskeys, ones that contain an untraditional flavor profile tend to really stand out. And to say Black Maple Hill Oregon Rye is untraditional would be an understatement. Rye lovers who approach this whiskey expecting bold rye spice and other traditional rye flavors are in for a surprise. Bold dill dominates throughout making for an incredibly vegetative sip that will instantly turn many off. The sip itself isn’t bad per se, even with its vegetative focus, however, this aspect makes the whiskey quite polarizing and prevents it from reaching its full potential."  Jordan Moskal Breaking Bourbon

This rye whiskey comes from the Stein Distillery, a craft operation that is based in Oregon. With all the grain coming directly from the Stein homestead, it's a premium rye expression that's bottled at 95 proof.