Xoriguer Gin De Mahon Spain 1.0 LITER

SKU: P59382 ISBN: 8411038010008

Wine Information:

Country: Spain

Region: Menorca

Appellation: Mahon


Xoriguer Gin de Mahn from Menorca, Spain. Perfect for on the rocks or adding a twist to the common cocktail. Distiller's notes: Mahn Gin is the result of distillation in traditional copper stills, using high quality wine alcohol and carefully selected juniper berries, which come from the neighboring Mediterranean mountains, together with aromatic herbs. These herbs are the jealousy guarded "secret" of the liquor's original bouquet.

A cult gin from Mahon in Menorca, Xoriguer is one of the only gins in the world (alongside Plymouth) to have a geographical indication, Gin de Menorca. Gin has been made on Menorca since the time of the British occupation in the 18th century and Xoriguer commands a devoted following of happy travelers. Unusually, Xoriguer is made in wood-fired potstills from distilled wine (eau-de-vie) rather than the more usual grain-based distillate, and is rested in American oak barrels before bottling.