Laurent Cazottes Goutte de PRUNELART Eau de Vie 375ml HALF BOTTLE

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Wine Information:

Country: France

Region: Gaillac

Appellation: -

Variety: -


Laurent makes four eaux-de-vie: – two from rare, almost extinct grape varieties: Prunelard and Mauzac Rose – a Pear Williams – a Greengage Each eau-de-vie is made from organic fruits, harvested ripe then dried on mats to concentrate sugars/flavors. The dried fruits are then pealed one by one, cut in half, the pit/seeds/stalk are removed as to keep only the flesh of the ripe fruit. Only then are they crushed into a juice and fermented. On average the wine obtained is about 11% alc./ vol. This wine is distilled in a pot still to 66% alc./vol. Laurent bottles each eau-de-vie at 45% alc./vol after reducing the proof slowly by adjunction of demineralized water.
An indigenous grape to the Tarn region of Southwest France, the Laurent Cazottes Goutte de Mauzac Rose Eau-de-vie is one of Laurent Cazottes’ true passions. This is not a fine nor a marc, but the wine and the pomace are left together during the distillation. Hence, this is an Eau de Vie de Raisin. Laurent Cazottes is committed to reviving these heritage varietals and the resulting spirits are pure expressions of the fruit from which they are made. Biodynamic and organic viticulture are practiced.