Zafeirakis Limniona Rosé Thessalia Greece 2023 750ml

SKU: 210000034471 ISBN: 5200110970193

Wine Information:

Country: Greece

Region: Thessalia


Appellation: Tyrnavos

Variety: Limniona

Type: Rose

Size: 750ml


The exquisite indigenous variety offers a refreshing touch in a rose wine. The wine is a soft intensity salmon color. Expressive aromas of red fruit, cranberry and wild-strawberry, flower, caramel and Mediterranean herbs. Lively acidity, ideally mixed with the intensity of fruit in an unexpected wrap of freshness , with a small appetizing bitterness that gives an extra dimension.

A good choice for fried or steamed fish with oregano dressing, pasta with vegetables, gemista, mousaka, mozzarella and prosciutto pizza.


Limniona is a grape variety from northern Greece known for its delightful freshness and balance. As a single varietal rosé it makes an expressive wine with intense cranberry, wild strawberry, and mediterranean herb notes that lend a pleasing touch of bitterness to the finish.
- Rand Sieger, 67 Wine Buyer