Kistler Sonoma Mountain Chardonnay 2022 750ml

SKU: N47927

Wine Information:

Country: United States

Region: California


Appellation: Sonoma Mountain

Variety: Chardonnay

Type: Whites

Size: 750ml


The wines from 2022, the second of three consecutive cooler vintages for Kistler, offer a distinct character of freshness and a perfect sense of being just ripe throughout. The growing season could very well be described as being verdant. Good rains that moved them away from but not entirely out of the drought in the winter led to a cool wet spring and a mild summer with wetting rains across both seasons.

Naturally low crops and a clement tone to the late summer weather led to good concentration and acid retention in the fruit. The winery avoided the pronounced Labor Day heat wave, finishing the last of our picks as it settled in thereby capturing the fresh nature of the vintage.