Amante 1530 Aperitivo Amaro 750ml

SKU: 210000057218 ISBN: 860010268902

Hits the tongue lean and unfolds across the palate with a variety of bitter citrus elements and a medium bodied weight. An elevated, mouth- smacking acidity gives way to layers of zest and pith, but with an underlying sweetness that provides balance and begets another taste. Producer Notes.


Wine Information:

Country: Italy





Type: Spirits



Italian citrus, ginger, and honeysuckle, with freshness reminiscent of an early morning breeze after a light rain.

Hits the tongue lean and unfolds across the palate with a variety of bitter citrus elements and a medium bodied weight. An elevated, mouth- smacking acidity gives way to layers of zest and pith, but with an underlying sweetness that provides balance and begets another taste.

Unlike the neon shade of other Amaros on the market, Amante’s orange is a beautiful “sunset” color, reminiscent of the Italian golden hour. Producer Notes.