Jasper Hill Farm - Vault No. 5 Cheddar (Vermont, 6.5oz)

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Jasper Hill Farm Notes:

Vault 5 is distinct from our other cave aged cheddars for the inclusion of Alpine-style cultures in the cheese make. This unique set of microflora help to develop sweet, nutty flavors as well as a more pliant, meltable texture.

— Batches are released for shipping when the perfect balance of texture and flavor are achieved; bright and deeply brothy with a salt-caramel finish and supple texture. The sweet-savory balance of the cheese makes it an excellent match with smoky cured meats, apple preserves, or rich chestnut honey. Pair with a dry sparkling cider or a dark lager. It’s meltability makes Vault No. 5 a perfect contender for sandwiches like a French Dip.

MILK TYPE: Pasteurized Cow Milk

STYLE: Cave Aged Cheddar

MILK SOURCE: Cabot Coorperative Family Farms

FORMAT: 40 lb Block

AFFINAGE: 8-12 Months

TYPICAL PROFILE: Bright, Brothy, With A Deep Salt-Caramel Finish.