Fruitières Chabert ‘Le Chablochon’ (Savoie, France, 7oz)

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Soft ripened. Cow's milk.

Savoie, France.

Enjoy with:  Light & crusty bread, Sourdough

Pair with: Pinot Noir, Cotes du Jura, Fresh fruit, Dried fruit

Smooth, creamy and lean, this close cousin of the classic Reblochon is made in Savoie. Pair it with your favorite Chardonnay. - Martin Johnson, Cheesemonger | 67 Gourmet

Fruitieres Chabert has always been a family run business that honors the traditional ways and terroir of the Savoie. Camille Chabert and his wife Marcelle founded their retail business in 1936, their son Gerard joining them in 1965 after received his Master of Cheese Diploma. Today, the next generation carry on those traditions bringing us those beautiful cheeses the Savoie is known for: Beaufort D’Alpage AOP, Emmental de Savoie IGP, and Tomme d’Abondance AOP.

In times gone by, those who lived on the mountains often needed an easy snack to keep hunger at bay as they worked. This little cow’s milk cheese was made in memory of those times and was designed to share with friends. It is a soft, mixed rind cheese, combining both washed rind and surface-ripened white mould techniques. During maturation in the Chabert cellars, the cheese develops a mild, sweet flavour and a silky texture under its copper-coloured rind.