Roelli Cheese Co. - ‘Red Rock’ Cheddar Blue (Wisconsin, 5oz)

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A cheddar-ey start with a blue-ish finish.

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Made by Roelli Cheese in Shullsburg, Wisconsin.

Pasteurized milk, cultures, rennet, salt, annatto

Flavor Profile: Rich, sharp and creamy

2022 World Cheese Championship - Best of Class

This cutting edge Wisconsin Cheese combines all of the greatness of a fine English Cheddar with the bite and creaminess of a French Blue. This Wisconsin Cheese is open air aged in a cellar to enhance its rich flavor. This Wisconsin cheese strikes the perfect balance between sharpness and the creamy texture. While making a batch of orange cheddar one day in 2011, Chris Roelli tipped an extra dose of annatto coloring—plus some blue mold spores—into the vat. The experiment yielded Red Rock, a loaf-shaped blue cheddar style with an unforgettably colorful appearance.