Whistlepig Piggy Back aged 6 years Rye Whiskey 750ml

SKU: K210000041100 ISBN: 850001901116

Wine Information:

Country: US

Region: Vermont




Type: Spirits


We think anything worth doing is worth doing 100%...

...where most whiskey makers stick to the minimum 51% Rye, we are committed to long aging and countless barrel experiments that have led to the first 100% Rye perfected for sipping and mixing.

Our Rye aged for six years taught us that it doesn’t take long to arrive at perfection. With a mash bill of 100% Rye to capture a 100% bold, spice flavor profile. PiggyBack’s unique strength of precisely 96.56 proof is the optimal match in the strength-sweet-bitter cocktail triangle, making it a bartender’s dream. Stir or shake as you choose.

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