Lustau Manzanilla En Rama San Lucar de Barrameda Saca Spring 2023 500ml Half Liter

SKU: N47173 ISBN: 097985150554

Wine Information:

Country: Spain

Region: San Lucar de Barrameda

Appellation: Sanlucar de Barrameda

Variety: Palomino


On the palate it is very dry, salty and fresh, with a slightly bitter and herbaceous background. On the nose there are notes of hay, soy, roasted sesame and dehydrated chamomile. Clean, clear and bright. Intense yellow color with golden reflections.

The series Tres en Rama de Bodegas Lustau consists of three wines, a fine wine from El Puerto de Santa María, a fine wine from Jerez and a Manzanilla de Sanlúcar, which has a large number of limited cantidades, a particularity that Lustau alone has to offer The unique winery that sells wines is distributed among the Almacenistas, in the three cities of Marco. Embotellarlos in rama, it decides in the different conditions like the wine is encuentra in the bota it is a pump from the bodega to offer the wine from the manera more naturally possible, sin apenas tratamiento de filtrado. Winemaker Description.