Good Vodka United States 80 Proof 750ml

SKU: 210000053970 ISBN: 816136024113

Wine Information:

Country: United States





Type: Vodka

Size: 750ml


Good Vodka is distilled entirely from discarded coffee fruit, an innovation that gives the spirit both its sustainability and its big, bold flavor. Bon Appetit says it's "an incredibly sippable spirit," while Punch Magazine describes it as "at once earthy, peppery, and almost kirsch-like in its fruit-forward profile." Vogue made a vodka tonic and called it "almost frighteningly delicious."

To all three descriptions, we say, "yes, that's correct." However you choose to drink it, Good Vodka represents a new high-water mark for the sustainable spirits movement: it's a carbon offset you can make into a cocktail. Producer Description. 


Come for the delicious, sweet taste. Stay for the remarkable story. Good Vodka is one of the world's only carbon negative vodkas.  It is made from the ripe, discarded coffee fruit that is leftover from the coffee production process.
Get ready for a new kind of vodka, a vodka that rewards curiosity.
Cocoa and tropical fruits on the nose. Full-bodied, peppery, sweet. Creamy texture.