Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka 80 Proof Pennsylvania 1.0L LITER

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(80º) Boyd & Blair only uses locally grown Pennsylvania potatoes for their vodka. Nothing is automated and all distillation is performed by hand, taste and smell. They've received 5 stars from Paul Pacult Spirit Journal in 2011, 2012 and 2013. 
The slight natural sweetness and creamy viscosity inherent to the potato meets mid-palate flavors of cocoa bean, maple and honey. The aftertaste is graceful, solid and simply delicious.
Distillers Process: For every batch of vodka produced in a single still, there are three parts. The first part is known as the “heads”. These toxic, bitter alcohols are discarded. The “hearts” flow next. We collect these naturally sweet spirits one batch at a time. The final part is the “tails”. Most distillers recycle these musty alcohols to increase their yield. Not Boyd & Blair. We bottle only the hearts. This is what gives Boyd & Blair their signature viscosity and genuine flavor profile. 

Wine Enthusiast 90 points This potato-based vodka from a small-scale Pennsylvania producer provides a versatile canvas for a wide array of drinks. With its lightly fruity aromas and flavors and a clean finish, it s also lovely neat.