Don Mateo de LA Sierre Mezcal 100% Agave Pechuga 90 Proof 750ml

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Just before second distillation, the matriarch of the Vieyra family, Delia Vargas Vieyra, prepares her family recipe of ingredients, adding special characteristics to the body, aroma, and flavor of the mezcal. This recipe was a creation of her own, pulling from the experiences of growing up in a house of mezcaleros. Iguana, venison, and turkey (along with dried fruits and nuts) are hung inside the still, the vapors then produced interact and absorb the contents of the bag bringing the unique profile of aromatic roasted notes like guajillo chili, anchovy chile and roasted pineapple. It expresses the mineral notes reminiscent of spring water with an elegant note to moist earth and tropical fruits such as melon and mango. The taste confirms the notes of dried chiles and roasted ripe pineapple. A mezcal of good intensity of flavor and medium persistence, warm with alcohol.