Pormenor DOURO, Canuco Tinto 2019 750ml RED

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Wine Information:

Country: Portugal

Region: Douro


Appellation: Douro

Variety: Touriga Francesa, Barroca, Roriz, Amarela, Alicante Bouschet

Type: Reds

Size: 750ml


Canuco means "small child" in Portuguese. So the philosophy for this wine was to harvest from younger vines  and to convey a youthful energy with round tannins and beautiful fruit while transmitting the freshness and elegance that the Douro region is known for.
Made with a blend of indigenous grapes Touriga Franca, Tinta Barroca, Tinta Rorriz, Tinta Amarella and Alicante Bouschet.
While Portugal’s Douro Valley has long been associated with dessert wine and inky reds, the region’s reputation is in the midst of an overhaul thanks to winemakers like Pedro Coehlo. At Pormenor, he farms native grape varieties at high elevations to make red wines like this one, focused on freshness and balance rather than high alcohol or oak.
Tastes like: Red plum, violets, vanilla, smoke.
Let it breathe for 30+ minutes before enjoying with mushroom katsu or skirt steak.