Guy Saget La Petite Perriere Pinot Noir 2021 750ml RED

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This pinot noir has a very bright garnet robe with purple shades. A very Burgundian earthiness opens to notes of wild cherry. It’s an outburst of freshness on the palate, a body full of momentum and tension ending in a hint of vanilla.
It is important that Pinot Noir grapes mature well, so meticulous work is carried out each year to achieve this. De-budding, leaf thinning and green harvesting are commonly carried out to enable the grapes to attain better concentration.

100% of the Pinot Noirs are picked by hand. This first sorting carried out in the vineyard ensures that only the grapes that have reached the desired maturity level are retained. They are then sorted a second time upon arrival at the winery before going into vats which are specially adapted for the “extraction” of this delicate grape variety. After spending three weeks in vat, the wines are aged in barrels for six months before being bottled.