The Vice 2022 Orange of Gewurztraminer, 100% vegan – Low Sulfites

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“The Brooklynites 2.0,” Malek Amrani second orange wine, is made from Gewurztraminer grapes grown in Los Carneros, Napa Valley. The orange hue of this wine comes from the skin contact and maceration during fermentation; the same process that gives red wine its color, tannins and also contributes to its flavor. Exotic and flamboyant, this wine roars out of the glass with sweet notes of mandarin, lychee, pink grapefruit and rose. The same flavors are initially mirrored on the palate, then this wine pops with dry apricot, ginger and hops. The tannins soften into a dry and long lasting finish accented with lime rind essence and orange Curaçao peel. This batch is named for our two favorite Brooklynites, Carly and Kenny, who contribute daily to The Vice’s success. In spite of its name, this unfiltered, unfined orange wine is a pure expression of Napa Valley’s unique terroir.