Procera Gin African Juniper Gin (Blue Dot) 88 Proof 750ml

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Procera was founded on a dream to share the very best of Africa with the world. Distilled in Nairobi, Kenya, our gins are the world’s first to use Juniperus Procera indigenous to Africa and vastly different to the otherwise used European Juniper.
They harvest our berries at the end of the short rains with the local community who live near the highlandforest of Kijabe at 2,200 metres. These equatorial, high altitude, sun-drenched junipers are what create the distinctive nutty and earthy flavours Procera is renowned for, and what ultimately sets Procera apart from the rest of the gin crowd. With all other botanicals sourced from across Africa from the plains of Morocco to the Indian Ocean islands in the south-east.
Procera expresses the terroir of Africa in every sip. One of the very first things almost everyone comments on is the hand blown recycled glass bottle of Procera. Crafted by Kitengela, just an hour from the distillery, no two bottles are the same, and each is engraved by hand with it's own production number.
The beauty of a Procera bottles goes well beyond its exquisite glass. The stoppers are hand carved by a collective of artisans in Kilifi on the Indian Ocean coast, whist a hand-tied African leather strap adorns each bottle neck.
Produced with cocktails in mind, the botanical salts are intended to further accentuate and lift the flavours of Procera when used in a mixed drinks format. The salts are made from a finely ground combination of the same botanicals that are used in their gins, with each of the dots having a respective salt partner to accompany every bottle.