Frapin VIP XO 100% Grande Champagne Cognac 1er Cru 700ml

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Rich stewed fruits such as apples, raisins and dates as well as dried fruits such as apricots and candied oranges. Heady aromas of cinnamon and nutmeg, with hints of clove, pepper, coriander and cumin... read more


The Frapin House has been established in the heart of the Grande Champagne region

Distilled with the lees, the XO VIP is then aged at the Domaine in damp cellars for several decades, which will give it all its roundness and suppleness.

The XO VIP decanter was inspired by the encounter between a perfume bottle and an inkwell. A subtle alliance between the elegant perfume of this XO and the love of letters of the House of Frapin, a distant heritage of a prestigious ancestor, François Rabelais.

It comes from the old reserves of the family.

Color: Cognac with golden tones, rich with natural purity.

On the nose it is distinguished by pleasant floral notes and a beautiful aromatic complexity punctuated by subtle woody touches.

An elegant set typical of old Grande Champagne Cognacs.

In the mouth: after the delicate smell, the power in the mouth offers an anthology of flavors, revealing in turn chocolate notes, dried fruits, candied fruits, gingerbread...

The expression is sophisticated, complex, deep, without ever losing the original freshness of the fruit. 



Wine Information:

Country: France

Region: Cognac


Appellation: Grand Champagne Cognac

Variety: Ugni Blanc

Type: Spirits

Size: 700ml


Nose: Rich stewed fruits such as apples, raisins and dates as well as dried fruits such as apricots and candied oranges. Heady aromas of cinnamon and nutmeg, with hints of clove, pepper, coriander and cumin.

Palate: Powerful on the palate, with sticky dates and Christmas-cake spices accentuated by notes of root ginger and glacé fruits. A rich and refined taste balanced by a pronounced fruitiness with hints of chocolate, a finish of dry spices and gingerbread lingers on the tongue.

Frapin VIP XO Cognac - A Grande Champagne Stunner for Connoisseurs
This Frapin VIP XO boasts all of the marvelous qualities you'd expect from a Grande Champagne blend, delivering a harmonious orchestra of spicy and fruity notes to create a sensory symphony with every sip. Aged for 35 years, the Cognac has been harvested, aged, distilled, blended and bottled on-site at the Frapin estate to ensure the utmost quality and complete control over each individual aspect of the creative process.

Its moreish and elegant flavor profile means its the perfect companion to any VIP, it’s no wonder this was the only Cognac to be served on British Airways Concorde flights. Allow your tastebuds to travel in style in this timeless treat for the senses.

Taken from the older reserves on the family estate, this 35-year-old XO Cognac really is an exciting embodiment of all things Grande Champagne, reveling in its notoriety and (for many) superiorities on the Cognac scene.

Its 35-year aging process in humid cellars (arguably the most favorable conditions to produce a rich and complex profile) has resulted in a truly wondrous Cognac reserved for those VIPs who enjoy roundness and suppleness with every sip. XO VIP is an ode to the passion put behind its creation and flavor, a Cognac to be enjoyed by connoisseurs of all ages and experience.

Those more discerning Cognac drinkers with an experienced, refined palate will pick up a plethora of woody, fruity and spicy notes in the mouth and a whole host of other aromas on the nose.

Patrice Piveteau, Cellar Master of Frapin states: "This is a rich, complex and evolving cognac in which everyone will find their own aromatic references."

How to Enjoy
As this is an older Cognac, we prefer to enjoy it neat, but make sure to leave it for several minutes to aerate before taking your first sip, you'll find the flavors continue to evolve until the very last drop. The wintery warming spices and dried fruit flavors mean this is a perfect Cognac to bring out at Christmas time, enjoy it by a warm fire with close friends and family.

Frapin has also suggested blending their XO VIP into the "Cocktail VIP One", originally created in a bar in Dusseldorf, this cocktail is a blend of:

Frapin XO VIP
- 1.5 fl oz. St Germain Elderflower Liqueur
- 0.5 fl oz. Orange Curaçao
- 1 fl oz. Water (through dilution from stirring the ice)
- 0.75 fl oz. 2 dashes of chocolate bitters.
Stir ingredients for a minute in a large mixing glass filled with ice before straining into a martini glass.