Decideret Hip Hop Cider ORGANIC 2019 750ml

SKU: N047919 ISBN: 5700002147943

Wine Information:

Country: Denmark



Appellation: Denmark

Variety: Apples

Type: Cider

Size: 750ml


What are we up to? In Decideret we make wild fermented ciders and fruit pét-nats. We use surplus garden apples and organic fruit from the best orchards in Denmark.  We make highly enjoyable vinous ciders with little intervention. At the same time we aim to push the boundaries for what cider can be. It is time for a real cider culture Our ciders are quite vinous, dry but at the same time juicy like a pét-nat.

They can be quite different from what is normally perceived as cider. We are working to prove that a cider can be every bit as quenchy as beer, as complex as wine, as sour as lambic, and as fruitful as freshly pressed juice.  We crush and press apples, ferment juice into cider, and bottle it by hand in small and big bottles – cider can be kept well in both a wine cellar and in a breast pocket. Some ciders are to be drunk young and fresh with a full throttle fruity flavour. Other ciders release their potential when aged in oak or with a long maceration.


Made in a bistro style for everyday drinking by fourth generation vigneron Jean-Michel Chatelier, this blanc and rouge duo is sourced from younger estate vines and is perfect for everyday drinking.

The microclimate of the region and its soils, composed of clay-gravel, silt-gravel, or sand-clay, are particularly suited to Merlot which comprises most of Jean-Michel’s vineyards.  For the white, he uses predominately Sémillon (90%) blended with some Sauvignon.