Fairbanks Cocktail Sherry 1.5 L MAGNUM

SKU: 005972 ISBN: 08554707

Wine Information:

Country: United States

Region: California



Winemaker Description

Medium dry, full-bodied sherry from California. Aged for a mellow, nutty flavor. Good served as an aperitif.Whilst there are several strains of native grape varietals in the United States, it was the introduction of the European species which prompted the country to begin producing wines on a large scale. Over the past few centuries, experimentation and crossbreeding has produced great successes in regard to the quality and suitability of the fruit grown in states such as California, Oregon, Washington and New York, and the past few decades have seen New World Wines from the United States reach much higher standards. 

Arguably the finest United States wines have always come out of California, where the climate and terrroir is most suitable for fine wine production.