Emilio Lustau Reserva Solera Brandy de Jerez 750ml

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This Solera Reserva is the youngest Brandy de Jerez in the portfolio of Lustau. It is matured in casks that were previously seasoned with Amontillado sherry. The seasoning means that new oak casks are first filled with a young Amontillado sherry, which takes out the rough edges of the virgin oak and impregnates the wood with the Amontillado flavour, so to speak. After that the Amontillado is poured out and the young brandy goes in. Like sherry, Brandy de Jerez is aged in a solera system which gradually blends and ages spirit of different ages.
Like most Brandy de Jerez, this Brandy Solera Reserva is distilled from Airén grapes (not Palomino), harvested and distilled in central Spain before it moves to Jerez for ageing.
Gold Medal (Best in Class) at International Wine and Spirits Competition 2011 Gold Medal (Best in Class) at International Spirit Challenge 2013 Gold Medal at Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2013 Aged for an average of 3 years in the Solera and Criadera maturing system. Aged in casks which have previously contained fine Amontillado Sherries. Very attractive amber tones with greenish reflections. Nutty and vanilla aromas with a mellow,although intense palate.